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After unlocking Dideye, it keeps crashing! How do I fix it?
Last Updated 8 years ago

This was a known bug.
It was fixed in Dideye v1.4.1

It affects all versions up to Dideye v1.4.0
It may happen to affect some of you.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Meanwhile, to fix it:
a) Simply re-download/re-install Dideye from the app store. However...
b) Important: Do not delete Dideye before performing the re-install.
It should fix it right away.

Only if the above fix did not work, then try:
1) if you have been using Dideye without giving it access to the Photos-album,
then first you must backup all your videos using a computer with iTunes.
Refer to the appropriate FAQ on this subject. Or you will loose all your videos.
2) then delete Dideye, (**)
3) then download and install Dideye from the app-store,
4) then launch it and perform an in-app purchases restore. (see FAQ on the subject)
> If it crashes again, you may need to perform a) b) after it.

(**) Important: Dideye denies any responsibility for the lost or damage to any of your files. Backup then up first.

If none of this worked for you, please contact the support.

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