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Dideye v1.5.3 started to crash. Why?
Last Updated 8 years ago

This problem is solved in version 1.6.0

Today is 2016-10-09:

We detected a problem with version 1.5.3 and possible older versions as well, that was introduced by iOS 10.0.2

The problem happens almost always, (but not always).

This problem makes v1.5.3 crash, when all of these happen at the same time:
1) You rotate your device TO landscape. and...
2) Dideye is in camera mode. and...
3) Dideye is NOT recording.

So in v1.5.3, it is fine to, rotate the device FROM landscape.
And it is fine to rotate the device within the album, the player, the settings, and the uploader.

So, to avoid the problem, and yet be able to rotate the camera mode, you could:
Either: tap "Settings" (options) - then rotate device - then exit "Settings".
Or: tap "Album" (gallery) - then rotate device - then exit "Album".

But better yet, please update to a later version of Dideye.

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