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I tapped finish, to save video. Where was it saved?
Last Updated 8 years ago

If Dideye is granted access to "photo albums", it saves the video to an iOS Photos album.

After Dideye reports the video as saved, it might take some time for a video to appear, please give it a moment.

If after some time (a larger video may take longer), the video still did not appear in the iOS Photos album, try launching Dideye again.

Note: Upon entry, Dideye always checks for any due deliveries to iOS Photos and attempts to make them.

If however, Dideye has restricted access to iOS Photos, it saves the video internally in its documents folder.

Dideye's documents folder is accessible through iTunes when your device is connected to a Mac or PC.

Refer to the other FAQs for more info on this matter, namely on how to access the documents folder and how to lift up the restrictions to iOS Photos.

IMPORTANT: Deleting the app, permanently deletes any videos that were not yet moved to iOS Photos and that you have not backed up.

We will not, under any circumstance, accept responsibility for any damage you may cause to your files.

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