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OMG I just trashed my precious video! Can I get it back? How?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Important: DO NOT TRASH any more videos before you attempt to salvage a video from the trash.
- Any other trashed videos might replace the one you are trying to salvage.
- This is because Trash container has limits, and new trashed videos keep replacing the older ones.

To salvage the video, (that is, if it is still possible), first navigate to Dideye's documents folder using iTunes.

Then find the trashed file you are looking for.
- The files have dates and times written on them, use that info to try to find the right file.
- Maximizing the iTunes window will help to see the full name of the trash files.

Backup the chosen file by selecting it and clicking the "save to…" button on iTunes.

Alternatively, simply backup the whole trash to your Mac or PC. Do this by selecting all trash files and saving them. Then browse through them on your computer.

Read other FAQs for further details on the procedure. Namely, on how to access Dideye's documents folder.

Remember to read the "Usage Instructions" text file that is inside Dideye's documents folder, for it has detailed explanations on the file name structure and trash limitations, among other things.

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