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Where can I find Dideye's documents?
Last Updated 9 years ago

- Connect your device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) to a Mac or PC.
- Launch iTunes, if you haven't yet.
- Navigate to your device inside iTunes interface.
- Select the "Apps" section of the device.
- Scroll down the "Apps" section till you see "File Sharing" and "Documents".
- Select Dideye from the list.
There you have it, Dideye's documents.

There, you will find:
- any movies that were not yet moved to camera roll,
- the latest trashed movies,
- a "Usage Instructions" text file.
Read the "Usage Instructions" to learn about what you can do there.

We strongly advise you to read "Usage Instructions" before attempting to use Dideye's documents.
We cannot, under any circumstance, be held responsible for any damage you may cause to your files.

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